Dussehra-Muharram Riots in Bengal 2016

1. ChandanNagar – Chunchura (Urdibazar) – Telenipara, Hooghly District

Muslims start throwing beer and liquor bottles at Hindu shops and houses along the road where their Tazzia procession was going. It is alleged that Muslim criminals belonging to Anwar Mia Gang fired 2 rounds from country made pistols. Hindus protested, were beaten up by large Muslim mobs. RAF, police deployed. Later Hindus put up a road block at Taldenga area. At least 50 shops of Hindus looted and vandalized.

2. Adgodi Village, under Shankrail PS, Howrah District

Quarrel starts with Muslim mobs on Muharram revelry molesting Hindu women passengers of a bus. 3 Hindu youth protest. They are outnumbered by Muslim mob, are beaten up by Muslims. Then reinforcement of Hindus arrive, there is heated discussion among Hindu and Muslim community followed by large scale rioting, attacks with swords, daggers (bhujalis), Crude Bombs are hurled. In Madarsas across Bengal they are teaching – “Hindu women are “Ganeemat Ka Maal”.

3. Taltali village, Jalangi PS,  Murshidabad District

Violent Muslim mobs riot and loot in the guise of Tazzia procession.

4. Manikpur Beltala, Sankrail PS., Howrah District.

Hindu Muslim fights, several people injured. Police role is biased. Hindus arrested initially then after some pressure few Muslims also arrested.

5. Hajinagar, near Naihati, North 24 Parganas District.

Hindu Shops, Houses looted. Hindu women molested initially, crude bombs charged. An ancient  Hanuman temple charged with Bombs. RAF Deployed.

6. Khargapur Golbazar market. Paschim Medinipur District (Same place where Rohit Tanti was murdered)

About 40 shops belonging to Hindus burnt, looted. Crude Bombs charged. A Jain Temple at Kharida Bazar was also Bombed on the mid night of 13th – 14th October at about 00:10 Hrs. Police atrocities on Hindus. RAF Deployed. A TMC office was also vandalized near GoleBazar by Muslim mobs but local TMC leaders are too afraid to utter a word against the attack due to their party supremo’s Muslim Appeasement diktats. Off the record, many TMC leaders of the stature of so called ‘Bahubali’ or Heavyweights speak against Islamic Jihadi activities in West Bengal and want strong Hindu unity.

7. Rishipara, just behind Kaliachak PS, Malda District. (Kaliachak where there was wide spread Jihadi violence in January 2016)

Tension due to Tazzia procession and assembly of large Islamic mobs chanting Anti Hindu slogans like ‘Kaffer’, eve-teasing, riots.

8. Kalaberia vill. Bhagabanpur PS. Poorba Medinipur District.

Violent Muslim mobs riot and loot in the guise of Tazzia procession.

9. Ballabhpara Ghat Hatkhola, Katwa PS. Bardhaman District.

Violent Muslim mobs riot and loot in the guise of Tazzia procession.

10. Kharba village, Chanchal PS. Malda District.

Violent Muslim mobs riot and loot in the guise of Tazzia procession.


A Bomb blast: Jain Temple, Kharida Bazar, Kharagpur, WB, 14th Oct 2016 00.10 hrs


Mamata Banerjee: Siltent, no Media (Print & Electronic) coverage, Media Blackout. Only DainikJugashankha had a headlines on this issue on their front page. This is the only nationalist newspaper in West Bengal.

Communists: Cadre Blaming BJP, RSS, Cow Vigilante etc as usual. No reaction from leaders.

Seculars: Still under #StockholmSyndrome #Sleeping

BJP Leader Sri Dilip Ghosh (State President & BJP MLA, Kharagpur Sadar) : Lawlessness due unabated Muslim appeasement of the Mamata Banerjee Government in utter disregard to provisions of the constitution. Sri Dilip Ghosh was in Kharagpur and had discussions with administration and police to stop the attacks and provide security.

Tapan Ghosh (Ex RSS Pracharak, Now Founding President of Hindu Samhati) has condemned the attacks on Hindus on Dussehra – Muharram cusp. He has also lauded the Brave Hindus who retaliated in self-defense and boosted their moral.

Arnab Mitra (Youth Hindutva & BJP Leader): It is a pre-planned well-orchestrated attack on the Hindu community of West Bengal to uproot them from West Bengal. It is a well thought out conspiracy against the Hindu Santan of Bharat Mata and Banga – Janani which has its roots in the concept of Greater Bangaldesh as a Dar-ul-Islam, cherished by Anti Bharat forces in the sub-continent like Pakistan, ISI, Jamat and several other Jihadi organizations. This definitely is a ramification of blatant Muslim appeasement policy of the Mamata Banerjee Government. First Durga Puja Visarjan was delayed or stayed. Hindu individuals and organizations had to go to court against this un-written order of the ‘Tughlaki’ whims of Mamata Bannerjee. Then there are attacks on Hindus on Muharram just after Dussehra, it is a clear message to the Hindu community of West Bengal to leave West Bengal as was conveyed on 16th August 1946 – “Direct Action Day” by Jinnah and Suhrawardy. The unfortunate part is all this is happening in West Bengal with the complicity of the Government of West Bengal led by Mamata Banerjee.

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